X360 or PS3?

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X360 or PS3? If I had been asked that question before launch day for the Microsoft console my answer would have been clear. I bought the original black XBOX years ago and have had hundreds of trouble free hours of game play with it (in fact I still, thankfully have two!).  I generally enjoy Xbox specific games rather than PS and thought the Sony console’s  graphics were poorer in comparison (and yes I do have a PS2, given to me as a present by a Sony-fanboy who was trying to ‘convert’ me).

The first disappointment I had with the X360 was on launch day. Although I had preordered one from a High Street store that assured me I would get the model of my choice, Microsoft failed to deliver enough units to most if not all the suppliers and I had to buy a core system plus extras at a higher cost.

The second disappointment I had with the X360 was on launch day. Having unpacked the console from its box my heart sank. The build quality was obviously way behind that of the original Xbox – if the first version looked like one of the monoliths from 2001: a Space Odyssey, then the white 360 looked like a £5.99 Tesco’s toaster!

The third disappointment I had with the X360 was when it died (Rings of Death), as this was outside the original warranty period, and being strapped for cash, I put it in the cupboard and went back to the ever faithfully, highly reliable, original Microsoft console.

However, so many 360’s having suffered the same fate as mine – with the resultant bad publicity – Microsoft backed down from their stance that the console was flawless and extended everyone’s warranty. So I sent my unit back under warranty.

The final disappointment I had with the X360 was when it refused to read any game discs. The problem being the disc reader had failure. Unfortunately, this problem is not covered by the extended warranty!  So, being still strapped for cash, the console has been returned to the cupboard and the original has been re-instated to the place of honour by  the TV.

When I can afford one I will buy a PS3. There may not be much in the way of games out at the moment – but this will change – and I may not like 100 percent of Sony games, but I won’t be worried that every minute I play on that console may be my last!

Finally my apologies to Tesco for comparing the build quality of their budget toaster to Microsoft’s games console – I bought one the same day as the X360 and its still going strong!


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